MOTD 1-21-16

Today I finally switched up my makeup and used something aside from my MUFE Artist Palette. Bare minerals shadows are hands-down my favorites. I have not found anything else that compares to their pigmentation and blendability, their color selection is fantastic. I have the limited edition Regal Wardrobe palette, which unfortunately is no longer available, but most of these eyeshadows can be purchased individually.


I used the shade Namaste all over my lid and blended that into the crease, and then took cognac and put that on the inner half of my lid. I took Natural above my crease for a more seamless blend, and highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with 500 Thread Count. I ran a bronze eyeliner I got in an ipsy bag on the outer half of my lower lash and water line (any liner will work). I used Maybelline’s The Falsies on my lashes, and I used the  highlight shade from the palette on my cheekbones, and that’s a finished look!

If you want to take it a little more dramatic or nighttime, then add a deeper lip color. I used the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Prague, which smells like cake batter. I love the soft matte lip cremes from NYX because they have a great staying power and are much easier to apply than a liquid lipstick, and more comfortable to wear, while still maintaining a matte finish.

Here is the finished look with the bold lip, I kept my face makeup and brows the same as usual!


4 thoughts on “MOTD 1-21-16

  1. Where is you’re post about making nice read cheeks? What are you’re tips on blending, I never seam to get that write without it being ALL THE WAY UP TO MY EYEBROW


    1. Don’t bring the color too high onto the browbone! Really try to concentrate it where you can feel the curve of your eye. Use a tapered blending brush to smooth the color up, which will make it look more natural!


      1. Thank you! I will try that tonight on my hot date with my man! Butt you didn’t answer my first question, classic ignoratio elegenti, wear is you’re post about nice read cheeks?


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