Happy Birthday Amy!

Amelia, how I love you so. You are the best friend anyone could hope to have, and I am thankful every day for your presence in my life. There is no one who can follow my logic and rational thought like you, no one who can justify my makeup addiction like you, and no one who will discuss politics with me like you do. I love you so much, and I hope you have a great day even though you almost always usually don’t like your birthday. Here are some of my favorite pictures of us.


Putting makeup on other faces

Today my charmingly bizarre roommate allowed me to do her makeup. Code name Blake Block has a wonderful face, but she never wears makeup because she is a golden flower with petals of fairies’ light drenching her features. We kept her look extremely minimal and classic. Since her skin is glowing and luminous with the light of a thousands suns, we used no foundation. However, I did cover up the designer handbags under her eyes with my favorite Maybelline Better Skin Concealer. We used MAC paint pot in painterly to even out the veins on her eyelids, and then used frisk from the Urban Decay Naked2 Basics Palette all over her lid and drug that into her crease. I used skimp on her brow bone, and then finished off her eyes with Maybelline the Falsies mascara. I used the high light shade from my Bare Minerals Regal Wardrobe palette on her cheek bones. The look is very simple and classic, and is great for everyday wear. IMG_8708IMG_8699IMG_8701

MOTD 1-21-16

Today I finally switched up my makeup and used something aside from my MUFE Artist Palette. Bare minerals shadows are hands-down my favorites. I have not found anything else that compares to their pigmentation and blendability, their color selection is fantastic. I have the limited edition Regal Wardrobe palette, which unfortunately is no longer available, but most of these eyeshadows can be purchased individually.


I used the shade Namaste all over my lid and blended that into the crease, and then took cognac and put that on the inner half of my lid. I took Natural above my crease for a more seamless blend, and highlighted my brow bone and inner corner with 500 Thread Count. I ran a bronze eyeliner I got in an ipsy bag on the outer half of my lower lash and water line (any liner will work). I used Maybelline’s The Falsies on my lashes, and I used the  highlight shade from the palette on my cheekbones, and that’s a finished look!

If you want to take it a little more dramatic or nighttime, then add a deeper lip color. I used the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Prague, which smells like cake batter. I love the soft matte lip cremes from NYX because they have a great staying power and are much easier to apply than a liquid lipstick, and more comfortable to wear, while still maintaining a matte finish.

Here is the finished look with the bold lip, I kept my face makeup and brows the same as usual!

Go to look for glasses

I have been wearing contacts since I was twelve. My mother is an angel, and understood that glasses would kinda be icing on top of the ugly mid-puberty awkward cake. However, now that I am somewhat past that stage, I actually enjoy wearing my glasses and using them to change up my look. Sometimes it can look a little too crowded on your face when you go heavy on the eye makeup and then wear glasses, so my go to look is all about the lashes. There is no holding those things back, except the lenses (which they constantly rub against), but that is the price we are willing to pay. IMG_8106

As you can see, my focus in on healthy looking skin, bold brows, and a clean eye look. I love this look for every day, because it isn’t too much, but it still looks very put-together. Occasionally I will throw a bold lip in there, but my favorite thing to wear everyday is usually just lip balm. I hope you all enjoy this look, and feel free to comment your favorite makeup looks to compliment glasses!

5 tips to make your makeup last all day

  1. Wash your face. Seriously, this is important. You don’t want clogged pores or excess oil and dirt.
  2. Moisturize. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize. Often, skin will produce sebum (oil) to compensate for dry skin, so applying a non-comedogenic moisturizer will keep your skin fresh and prep is for makeup.
  3. Primer. This is optional; some people find that all they need is moisturizer, but if you find that your makeup isn’t lasting all day, then you should try a primer suited for your skin type.
  4. Applying the right amount of foundation. If you notice that your foundation is breaking up is certain areas on your face, this could be because you’re applying too much. Keep it a little lighter in areas that you notice creasing, because foundation will build up and crack.
  5. Setting Powder. I like to set with a translucent powder, and I notice a huge difference in the way my makeup lasts. Feel free to set with something that has more coverage if you want that, or you can use a setting spray.

Current favorite drugstore foundation

I have tried a lot of different drugstore foundations. I used to have very bad acne from about the fifth grade until I was a sophomore in High School. My skin started to clear up when I was about 16, but I still have a lot of acne scars and discoloration, and still get zits. The pores on my cheeks and nose are also extremely large, which creates a problem  when looking for a foundation that works for my skin. Personally, I love bb and cc creams because of how lightweight they are, and I was using the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream, but I found that after using that for a while , the oil on my skin started to break through. So, on a whim I bought the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, and it was possibly one of my best decisions ever. I had heard a few youtubers rave about this product, but they were all much less oily than I am, so I was hesitant. But let me tell you, this foundation is fantastic. It lasts all day on my skin, which is literally oily 24/7, and the color is great for how pale I am. It doesn’t oxidize at all, which is a problem I find with Covergirl foundations. This foundation manages to cover a lot of the imperfections in my skin, without looking cakey. I like when my freckles are still visible through my makeup, and this does that, while still evening out my skin tone and covering the acne scars on the sides of my face. I love to wear this with the Nivea Post Shave Balm, and use a beauty blender to bounce it onto my face. For a fuller coverage, I use a Morphe buffing brush over a mattifying primer. This foundation is one that I recommend to anyone with oily skin, or to someone who wants coverage without looking cakey. A great drugstore find!

I am wearing the foundation in all these pictures. It photographs well in so many different lights!