MOTD 1-17-16

Makeup of the day (MOTD) is probably my favorite thing to do. Putting my makeup on in the morning relaxes me, and gets me ready for the day by actually giving me motivation to leave the house. IMG_8587.JPG

Today I wore the same look on my eyes as I did yesterday, using my MUFE palette, and changed up my lipstick for this Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Devotion, which shows up much brighter than it does in the tube. I usually don’t like super bright colors like this on myself, because I think they clash with my hair, but I absolutely love this! The formula takes a while to dry down matte, and since this isn’t a liquid lipstick, it does transfer. It is creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips, overall would recommend. On my brows I used the It Cosmetics Brow Power to fill in gaps, and then went over that with the Benefit Gimme Brow to hold them in place. I finished everything off with the  Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder in my t zone (I am so oily), and voila!


4 thoughts on “MOTD 1-17-16

  1. Good to know! Speaking of cheeks, will you teach us how in your next blog post to achieve pretty read cheeks without it being TWO obvious?


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