My current obsession

Okay, I love vegetables. Give me a dark green any day and I will be a happy girl. Last summer, I finally hopped onto the pinterest bandwagon, and my life will never be the same. So many great ideas, cute outfits, and fun recipes! I was particularly intrigued by a recipe for sweet potato fries. When I was little I hated, and I mean hated, sweet potatoes. Honestly I think it was the color, but I have moved past that because they are delicious! I am a french fry addict; I don’t care about the shape or size, fry a potato and I’m in. However, these sweet potato fries are a slightly healthier alternative, and so easy to make! Personally I take out the salt and pepper in the recipe, and sub Adobo in it for it (just Puerto Rican things). My friends and I love to make these, and I definitely recommend to any fellow potato lovers out there!


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