Go to look for glasses

I have been wearing contacts since I was twelve. My mother is an angel, and understood that glasses would kinda be icing on top of the ugly mid-puberty awkward cake. However, now that I am somewhat past that stage, I actually enjoy wearing my glasses and using them to change up my look. Sometimes it can look a little too crowded on your face when you go heavy on the eye makeup and then wear glasses, so my go to look is all about the lashes. There is no holding those things back, except the lenses (which they constantly rub against), but that is the price we are willing to pay. IMG_8106

As you can see, my focus in on healthy looking skin, bold brows, and a clean eye look. I love this look for every day, because it isn’t too much, but it still looks very put-together. Occasionally I will throw a bold lip in there, but my favorite thing to wear everyday is usually just lip balm. I hope you all enjoy this look, and feel free to comment your favorite makeup looks to compliment glasses!


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